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from WikiTree blog

GEDMatches is the big news around here.

We released it for beta testing right before Christmas. Brian and I scurried around for a few weeks. First we had to squash some bugs. Then the system got overloaded last weekend and we had to expand capacity. But we’re at a good point now and ready to take things to the next level.

As I’ve said to some of you, I see GEDMatches as one of the single most important improvements we’ve ever made at WikiTree.

From the perspective of Wiki Genealogists, the main benefit of GEDMatches is that it will dramatically reduce the number of new duplicates that need to be merged.

But it won’t just decrease the level of junk that gets added to WikiTree. The flip side is that it will increase the amount of quality content that gets added.

Genealogists don’t need to be afraid to upload a GEDCOM anymore. They can register as a guest member, upload their file, and within about 10 minutes get a GEDMatches report that tells them if any of their ancestors are already on WikiTree. If they’re not the sharing type or they’re just too busy to participate, there’s no obligation to go further. They can let their guest membership and GEDCOM upload expire.

Whether or not the genealogist ends up becoming a member of our community, it’s great for us. From GEDMatches they can send private messages to their cousins using WikiTree or post comments on the matched profiles, adding whatever little bits they’re willing to share. Every piece of info helps solves our puzzles.

Do you have any ideas for getting the word out about GEDMatches? How do we let genealogists know it’s available?

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