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Genealogy: Tips for finding females that matter to you

Tips for Finding Females


Genealogical Queries & Ads

GenQueries.com is a FREE
service that provides an online database for genealogy queries for
individuals as well as advertisements for societies, professional and
amateur genealogy researchers, authors, publishers, genealogy web
sites, adoptee searches, and more.

For years, genealogy magazines and newsletters have published
queries for their readers. These serve as public notices of "I am
looking for…" Such queries have always been valuable but suffer from
several shortcomings:

  • Limited life expectancy – The printed
    listings are typically effective only until the next edition of the
    magazine or newsletter is published. Then they are forgotten.
  • Limited audience – Printed queries are visible only to those who subscribe to the magazine or newsletter.
  • Abbreviated length – The printed queries are limited by the amount of space available in the magazine or newsletter.
  • Difficult
    to establish contact – The person with possible answers typically has
    to write a letter or use some other manual method of contacting the
    person who posted the query.
  • Privacy issues – The person
    posting the query must also reveal his or her contact information,
    either a mailing address or an e-mail address.

In contrast, queries posted on www.GenQueries.com are:

  • Visible to everyone for 365 days (that number may be increased or decreased in the future as more experience is gained).
  • Visible to millions on the World Wide Web
    genealogists anywhere in the world can view the queries with a web
    browser and an Internet connection. The queries can also be found with
    Google and other search engines.
  • Longer length queries
    – Queries can be several pages long, allowing the genealogist to post
    all known information about the person or couple in question.
  • One-click contacts – Anyone with possible answers may contact the poster by one click on a link in each ad, then entering the information.
  • Private
    – The person posting the query (optionally) does not need to reveal any
    contact information. Your private information does not need to be
    revealed to anyone, not even your e-mail address.
  • No fees! You can post as many queries here as you like, free of charge.
  • No spam! We do not share your personal information with anyone.
  • No invasion of your privacy!
    Nobody ever sees your name or email address unless YOU post them in the
    queries. Your privacy always remains under your control.
  • No account required! You do not need to create an account in order to post queries or events.
  • You even control what you see!
    If you see an inappropriate ad (spam or profanity), simply click on
    "Report Abuse." If four other people do the same, that ad is deleted.
    You and the other users of this site can "vote the spam ads off the

excerpt from eogn.com

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